February 2024


A holiday at a naturist center is a chance to relax and recharge, allowing your body and mind to get back to optimal performance. Naturist locations provide many ways to achieve that and meditation is one. Maybe you have heard of the powers of meditation and want to try it out or it's already a part of your naturist lifestyle. Whatever the case, learning what naturist meditation has to offer allows you to take full advantage of it. Several locations of Fédération Des espaces naturistes offer meditation and other relaxation techniques like yoga.


If you are to leverage the benefits of meditation, then you should know what it entails. Meditation can mean various things to different people depending on what they aim to accomplish. It is a method of achieving mindfulness and inner peace. Meditation promotes the well-being of the mind and body. With a history that goes back a few thousands of years, meditation seeks to take an individual on a journey of discovery. In some cultures like Buddhism, it is used to gain awakening. Due to the vast scope that it covers, meditation can achieve a lot of things. Although relaxation is a primary benefit, you can meditate to elevate your consciousness. Any person can meditate. So, you can engage in the activity alone, as a couple or family.

If you want to try meditation, find a quiet place, and sit cross-legged. Relax your body from the top down to get rid of the tension. Keep your back straight and shoulders raised. Then you can focus on your breathing. Clear your mind as you breathe in and out. You can choose to have someone accompany you on your path to discovery as you meditate for the first time.


As a naturist, you can take advantage of meditation for a better appreciation of the lifestyle. Naturism and meditation have similar philosophies. Both advocate a connection with nature. Learning to appreciate your natural surroundings can help relieve stress and ease tension. Naturists have the unique advantage of being able to reconnect with nature without limitations. Sitting in the nude as you take in everything around you allows you to free your mind. Naturist meditation can help you reconnect as a family when you participate together.

If you are looking to meditate during your naturist getaway, then Fédération Des espaces naturistes has various locations that make this possible. You can find a naturist village that offers meditation, yoga and other ways to relax.

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