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The benefits of naturism

The benefits of naturism

While some of you are already getting all set for their upcoming naturist holidays, others still hesitate to for it. Though it’s become less of a taboo, naturism remains a divisive topic due to prejudices and misconceptions. Here are some od reasons to finally take the plunge for those of you who feel attracted by this philosophy but still don’t dare to naked.

Sun exposure

Exposing your full naked body to the sun is od for your health... and your looks ! First of all you’ll get a full stock of D vitamin, which is excellent for your health and bones. But most of all : hello full body tan with absolutely no marks at all !

Everything’s better with no clothes on !

That’s right, wearing no clothes can be od for your health. Taking them off enables you to feel less squeezed and therefore to ease your blood flow.

Psychological benefits

Naturism is od for your body AND your mind! Indeed, standing naked, first of all in front of yourself then in front of others, helps you accept your body as it is and is a confidence booster!

A better sleep

Not only sleeping naked is better, it is recommended! It helps us secrete our anti-ageing hormones as well as the sleeping hormone, melatonine. Therefore, your get to spend a better night.

A better hygiene

Day and night : when you’re dreaming, being naked helps keeping biological balance in your genitals i.e. it lowers the chances of infections and germ proliferation. In daytime, you stay cooler and don’t sweat in your clothes – it all es up in the air..

Improves life expectancy

According to some medical studies, naturism increases life expectancy with a few years. Living naked in order to live longer ? Where do I sign ?!

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