What's the difference between nudism and naturism?

Distinguishing Between Naturism and Nudism

November 2020

The question of how naturists are different from nudists is a common one. After all, both concepts involve the removal of clothes in public. In fact, some people use the terms interchangeably. However, they don't mean the same. Understanding how naturism is different from nudism is fundamental, especially when looking to join the lifestyle. Numerous opinions exist regarding the two aspects. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the core differences if you are to get the best as a naturist. You will also be better equipped to visit a naturist village.

Understanding Nudity

Nudism refers to the act of being without clothes in public. It doesn't involve any philosophy or rules. You can choose nudity for many reasons. Some people use nudity to make political statements. Others do it for fun like swimming or tanning at the beach in the nude. You can also be a nudist because you feel comfortable being without clothes. People can practice nudity at home or in places that allow it. France has some of the most popular nude beaches.

The Naturist Lifestyle

Naturism, on the other hand, is much more than taking your clothes off. The lifestyle focuses on reconnecting an individual with nature. It thrives on respect for other practitioners and the environment. The lifestyle creates an equality that makes everyone around feel comfortable in their skin and surroundings. Being a naturist is about doing things that keep you healthy. It champions the well-being of the entire self. The lifestyle is open to anyone. Yes, you can also join as a family. Being a naturist doesn't mean that you always have to be naked. When the situation demands it, you can wear clothes. Naturists learn to have a healthy relationship with their body and, therefore, know when it needs covering.

Naturists have exclusive spaces where they can gather to practice the lifestyle. These spaces provide beautiful settings in nature tailored for naturists. The FEN has a list of the top naturist campsites, villages and resorts in France. You can find naturist accomodation for any needs. Whether you are holidaying solo or as a family, there is an ideal naturist centre out there. You can pick from different environments, including the lush French country, gorgeous coastline and stunning mountainous regions. Naturist locations allow guests to do a variety of things from water sports to hiking to social games.

Knowing what separates a naturist and nudist is vital, especially for beginners. Before booking a naturist accomodation for a holiday, be clear about how to behave. Understand that as a naturist, you have to practice the lifestyle by a certain code.

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