March 2024


France is the leading destination for naturist holidays. The country offers an array of solutions where people can practice naturism. Finding the perfect place, however, depends on various things. The range of activities available is a vital consideration for many people. You want a naturist center where you have exciting things to do, such as a favourite sporting activity. Fédération des Espaces Naturistes is the place to start when searching for a naturist village in France with options for games. Here are a few.

Le Fiscalou In the Midi-Pyrénées the wooded campsite Le Fiscalou, welcomes you to an unspoilt area, at the heart of a leafy forrest. Playing a game of volleyball on the beach or on the camping grass in the fresh air with the family is always fun. With volleyball it is important to be able to move completely freely. That works even better if your clothes are not in the way! Naturist volleyball is an excellent sport to practice with the whole family.

CHM Montalivet Do you like surfing, but aren't the waves on the North Sea high enough for you? The waves of the Atlantic Ocean at naturist campsite Montalivet are a lot more powerful. They come directly from the Atlantic Ocean. You can bring your own surfboard, but you can also rent one on the beach. And if you have little experience, you can take surfing lessons at the naturist beach.

Euronat In the Gironde, Euronat offers a 4-star resort and naturist center for beach lovers. Visitors have magical sandy beaches to explore. The naturist village rests on 335 hectares and has world-class fitness facilities. A children's playground and swimming pool makes it perfect for bonding with the family on your holiday. Naturist volleyball is one of the activities that you can enjoy on the exquisite shoreline near Euronat. You can also organise naturist petanque on the beach.

Bélézy Swimming is also a wonderful activity without bathing suits. Every campsite that is affiliated with the Fédération des espaces naturistes has one or more (heated) swimming pools. For example at Domaine de Bélézy, where you can float in all tranquility around each of the three swimming pools under the olive trees in Provence.

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