February 2024


A naturist getaway might be what your body, mind and spirit need to rejuvenate. You can explore the benefits of naturism fully while you meet new people. However, that's only possible if you can find the right accommodation. France has some of the top campsites for nudists, but you still have to pick what works for you. Where you choose to stay affects your experience on multiple fronts like the level of comfort you enjoy. It's why you must be meticulous with this decision. A critical choice to make is whether to rent or get a tent when planning your camping trip. Fédération des espaces naturistes has campsites for both types of guests. Weigh the two options to find the most suitable.


Sleeping under a raised tarp provides an authentic experience. You get to be in the natural environment, which is what naturism is about. The lifestyle champions spending time in nature and a campsite offers that. You can enjoy the smell of the earth beneath as you sleep, listen to the sounds of the night right outside your bed and feel the cool breeze brush through the thin fabric. This accommodation comes with cost-savings. You only have to rent the gear and set it up. Tents are available in various sizes, so finding one to fit several people is not difficult. The downside of sleeping outside is that it can be hard when you have children. Young ones of a certain age can miss the comfort of the indoors.


Glamping is the other alternative to consider when booking accommodation at a naturist village. Think of it as camping but without giving up the comfort of the indoors. Fédération des espaces naturistes offers destinations with an array of rental options. You can get a chalet, villa or mobile home depending on your needs. Rentals come with facilities such as Wi-Fi, laundry service and furnished kitchens. Your preference will determine the most appropriate one to book. For, example, a family might find a villa more comfortable than a motorhome. The obvious disadvantage of glamping is the price. Renting a mobile home will cost more than a canvas shelter.

The decision between staying in a tent or rental at a natural campsite all boils down to preference. What suits your holiday plan? For a naturist who wishes to spend time in nature, both options offer the opportunity, but canvas shelters tend to feel more authentic. If luxury is a huge consideration, then renting a chalet works better. Be clear about your requirements and you will find a place in France that meets them.

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