February 2024


You have researched the benefits of naturism and decided that it is something you want to try. Maybe you have been at it for a short while. However, you are wondering how to get the most out of the lifestyle. Planning a naturist holiday is one way to do that. Spending time at a naturist village as part of a community can open you up to more benefits of this wonderful lifestyle. As a beginner, though, you might not know much about naturist getaways. This simple guide should help.


Decising whether the entire family tags along or not can be challenging. If the children are practising too, then taking them to a naturist space can help. They can interact with different people, and get out of their comfort zones. All of you will get to see different bodies in the nude, which builds a better understanding of the practice. Naturists have numerous family-friendly spaces where children have their activities.

Even if the rest of the family is not naturist, bringing them along can help. It would be an effective way to show them what the naturist life is about. However, be careful not to force the experience on young children. Talk to them first to see if they want to be a part of it. You can find tips about introducing children to naturism.


Your chosen destination will impact your experience. Therefore, you have to be careful to find a place that meets your needs. France has some of the best naturist locations. With the help of Fédération des Espaces Naturistes, you can find beautiful destinations. If you like the countryside, the country has numerous regions that promise spectacular views, serenity and undisturbed natural environments. For beach lovers, France has a wide selection of exquisite locations with stretches of sandy shorelines. Remember to check the type of activities available when comparing naturist spaces.

When you settle on a naturist center, learn the rules beforehand. You should be aware of how to conduct yourself when interacting with other guests. If you intend for your pet to tag along, look up the regulations before you even book a naturist campsite.

As with any other holiday, prepare yourself. For one, pack some clothes. As much as it is a naturist getaway, you might have to venture into textiled spaces. Skincare is vital, so carry sunscreen. Sometimes you might want to cover up when outside. Therefore, pack a small towel. With these tips, a beginner should feel adequate when planning a naturist holiday.

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