naturism and family

Naturism is also appreciated with the family

August 2021

The experience of naturism is not only to be enjoyed solo, as a couple or with friends. This practice can completely be appreciated in family. If you hesitate to become a naturist because you have children, it is important to specify that the values of naturism are compatible with a family life. A lot of activities can be practiced with the children.

Naturism and its family values

First of all, it is important to specify that naturism is quite different from nudism. The latter consists simply in putting oneself naked to practice activities that one normally carries out with clothes. Naturism is a much more advanced concept, which aims to learn to connect with nature and to appreciate the freedom found once the clothes are removed.

As such, naturism is a completely family-friendly activity. Every naturist learns to respect others, in all their physical and psychological integrity. This experience, which one obviously finds in the naturist camp-sites, teaches tolerance.

Teaching children to feel comfortable

The nudity, inherent in naturism, is not a state of which one should be ashamed. On the contrary, it allows to find a certain feeling of freedom and to learn to accept its body and that of the others. The toddlers generally have no problem to assume their nudity and the values of naturism can be inculcated by the parents. The advantage of being a naturist is also to teach respect to the children and to teach them these precepts from the youngest age.

Which naturist activities can you practice in family?

It is possible to practice many activities with your family in the naturist campings. If you want to sport with your children, why not plan a hike in a naturist center? This activity allows you to be close to the nature and is quite appropriate. Be careful though, you have to take some precautions before leaving. Certain nautical activities are also appropriate for the young people and the teenagers.

The naturist campings also propose many activities which one finds in the majority of the campings of France. Qualified people can take care of your family for a few hours if you have planned a particular activity, or you can enjoy all the games with your toddlers.

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