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How to choose your naturist destination ?

FEN offers naturist destinations throughout France

May 2021

Naturism developed enormously these last years. Whereas the naturists had only the choice between some destinations, they can choose today among many establishments. The Fédération française des espaces naturistes proposes today destinations for all tastes.

Choose a naturist camp-site close to the sea

The vacations at the beach are a classic of the summer season and the naturists do not escape this classic. The majority of the establishments developed initially on the French coasts. Today, there are many naturist villages located near the sea or the ocean to enjoy a really unique experience.

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the most famous camp-site to spend vacations at the edge of the ocean is the Euronat center, one of the largest naturist villages in France. Its proximity with the beach makes it particularly attractive for the vacationers who wish to benefit from true moments of relaxation.

Benefit from naturism in the countryside

In France, one can appreciate the ocean, the mountain but also the countryside. There are many naturist centers located in full nature and distributed on all the territory. Country of the Loire, New Aquitaine, Occitania or Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur are destinations of choice for the countryside lovers.

Villages located inland often have the advantage of benefiting from an absolute calm perfect to meditate and relax. This allows for better rest and contact with all the elements, both fauna and flora.

The activities to privilege for naturist vacations

If you are rather adept of the vacations in mountain, you can benefit in the high season to go to a camp-site located in the heights. You will often enjoy breathtaking views and a true proximity with the nature. Hiking tours are also often offered by the campsites. However, you will need to be prepared for deeper elevation changes. In Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes, the Plage des Templiers campsite is one of the best known.

The hikes are among the most appreciated activities by the naturists but they are not the only ones which are proposed. Most of the establishments of the Fédération française des espaces naturistes proposes sports activities like yoga or fitness. Meditation is also very popular. One thing is sure, you will inevitably return rested.

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