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5 activities to do with the family

5 Interesting Activities To Do for Family Fun on a Naturist Holiday

June 2020

Although the lifestyle is becoming more accepted in society, some reservations still exist. Finding activities to do as a family helps. You can plan a naturist holiday where besides relaxation, your loved ones can do things together to bring them closer. Fédération des espaces naturistes offers naturist tourism destinations around France where families can engage in various activities.


If you are in the countryside, hiking is an activity that families can plan during a naturist trip. It’s one way to interact with nature and give people a chance for discovery beyond the confines of a resort. Depending on where you are visiting, a hike can provide you with beautiful scenery and fresh, open spaces to enjoy. Of course, there is the plus side of keeping fit while on holiday.


For FEN resorts with lakes or rivers nearby, you can try various water activities such as boating, fishing and kayaking. Being out in the water is an excellent idea for relaxation and learning new skills like paddling and swimming. You can also try an adventurous sport like whitewater rafting.


Spending a night or two out in the wild is always a fantastic idea for group fun, especially for people who love the outdoors. Find camping areas with potential for discovery. For instance, look for a naturist village close to a natural park, where you can go to explore nature during a camping trip.


Just because it’s a naturist trip doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a few games. Naturist resorts have facilities for indoor activities like table tennis, tennis and squash. Holidaymakers can also participate in a variety of outdoor sports such as archery, volleyball and petanque. Families can have friendly games as a way to foster new relationships.

Beach Holiday

Beaches are some of the most popular for naturist tourism. France has particularly alluring coastlines. You can do plenty at the beach ranging from surfing to scuba diving to swimming. The freedom that nude beaches provide makes it easy even for children to run around without feeling different.

Engaging in normal activities during a naturist holiday can teach children to be more comfortable about naturism. The whole family gets to be part of a bigger community of naturists who participate in all kinds of fun activities. Browse through the destinations from Fédération des espaces naturistes to find places with the best activities.

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