February 2024


If you have been practising naturism for a while, then maybe you have come across the France Espaces Naturistes. Even beginners will hear about it at some point. It’s because our organisation has become an integral part of the lifestyle. Since we launched in 2001, we have worked to create the best naturist experience for practitioners. FEN is a collection of villages, facilities and campsites for naturist holidays. By 2009, we had 30 sites across France on our list, which was approximately 60% of the naturist economy in the country. Later, the organisation became Fédération des Espaces Naturistes to provide a more accurate representation of our offerings.


Why should you consider the FEN for your naturist experience? It’s because we offer something for everyone. Although we focus on the family, we understand that individuals have different needs. After all, families are not all the same. Your family might prefer a naturist campsite where the children can enjoy nature. For another person, a secluded naturist center could be the perfect accommodation. Therefore, we provide alternatives to satisfy the diverse needs of holidays-makers.

The organisation champions health and well-being, which is the true nature of naturism. For this reason, we recommend the best holiday destinations in France. Naturists can find suitable places to be themselves, recharge and give their minds and bodies the care they deserve. Whatever works for you, you can be sure about finding it through FEN. From the lush countryside in Dordogne to the stunning coastline of Côte d’Azur, we offer a broad category of solutions. The different naturist locations available provide great room for discovery, not just of the country but of different naturist communities as well.


Although it might not seem like it, getting into naturism can be daunting and confusing. It’s why we cater our services for beginners. The lifestyle is all about discovery. Novices should have the courage to explore everything that the lifestyle has to offer and with the right help, they can. We don’t just guide you when looking for the best naturist village for your holiday. The organisation offers information about various aspects like how to become a naturist, the top activities to indulge in and the latest news in the sector, among other things.

Fédération des Espaces Naturistes is a useful resource for naturists. It compiles the top French naturist locations, thus making planning for getaway easy. Naturists also get a plethora of information about the lifestyle to help them make the best decisions.

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