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Naturism: body-nature harmony

Naturism - Promoting Harmony between The Body and Nature

December 2020

Although sometimes it is hard to grasp, naturism and nudism are widely different concepts. The biggest distinction is that the naturist practice is all about connecting with the natural environment. Conversely, nudism is simply the act of being naked while going about daily activities. As a naturist, you have to be more in tune with nature. The lifestyle champions an authentic connection with the natural environment and its elements. Therefore, when practising, whether as a family, couple or alone, understand the benefits that come when the body has a harmonious relationship with nature. This knowledge will allow you to take full advantage of naturist spaces like the ones in France.

The Realism of The Naturist Practice

Although being a naturist requires you to be in the nude, it's more than that. Dr Jean-Baptiste Luc Planchon, a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in Paris in the 18th century, explained what naturists look for. He said that the lifestyle involves letting the natural environment act rather than intervene artificially. A naturist focuses on establishing an intimate connection with their surroundings. It is why the French country side is one of the top naturist destinations. It provides idyllic locations to interact with the environment. You can take in the fresh air, sun as you enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Reap The Benefits

What other advantages do you gain from naturism? For one, spending time at a naturist village works wonders for your relaxation. You get to be at peace both physically and mentally as you take in the beautiful surroundings and fresh air. When the naked body interacts with the natural environment, it benefits from unobstructed contact with sunlight, the earth and unpolluted air. Therefore, you enjoy a healthier you. Spending time in a natural setting can also be spiritually healing as it provides a chance to get away from distractions and connect with oneself.

The organic lifestyle is another part of the naturist lifestyle. You and the family can discover the advantages of healthy eating with organic options. Visiting France for a naturist holiday allows you to explore other cuisines and organic products. You get a better appreciation of the environment as you know more about it. Whether you are in the French country side or coastal region, you can discover the best natural settings that are ideal for relaxation.

In France, the FEN offers a list of great locations where naturists can be one with nature as much as they wish. Whether you prefer feeling a sandy beach beneath your feet or the fresh mountain air, you can find the perfect naturist center.

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