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International day of naturism 2021

The 4th of July was the internation day of naturism

June 2021

The international day of naturism took place on July 4 2021, first Sunday of the month. For the occasion, millions of followers chose to celebrate by highlighting the great principles of this practice. The number of activities remains limited during the pandemic, but this does not prevent from enjoying naturism!

When was the International day of naturism created?

Whereas the first naturist association was born in Germany at the end of the XIXth century, the first international day was organized... in June 2006! It was a long way to get there. The goal was simple: promote the values of the naturists at the world level, for a much broader public.

This day has a small particularity: it does not take place at the same time in the Northern hemisphere compared to the Southern hemisphere. The date of July 4 was decreed for the Northern Hemisphere. It is the International Federation that decides which day it is possible to celebrate this event.

Nowadays, the international day of naturism has still the same objectives as when it was created: promote a lifestyle oriented towards self-awareness, nature and the environment. And more and more people are joining every year.

The activities of naturist for this day

On the occasion of this international day, it was of course possible to enjoy naturism in the places which authorize it. Naturist centers, campsites and villages remain the best places to appreciate the values of this practice among people who share the same interests and respect for nature. In some regions, this particular day was the occasion to get to the beach and practice the nautical activities typical for the summer season.

For others, the 4th of July was the occasion to practice some sports activities particularly appreciated by naturists: yoga, fitness, swimming or meditation. Today, many clubs allow to enjoy this philosophy and share it with several people.

It is possible to enjoy many naturist activities throughout the year... even if the summer period is always the most pleasant for the followers!

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