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How to choose your naturist campsite ?

FEN offers many campsite options

April 2021

If you're a naturist looking for a campground to spend your summer vacation, you're spoiled for choice. But it can be difficult to choose the perfect establishment according to your requirements. To make the good choice and to spend a pleasant stay, the area of your vacations is important not only: also make the choice according to the activities and the infrastructures.


Naturism is a way of life which knew how to make a place in France and the Fédération des espaces naturistes carried out a great work to propose establishments answering the best criteria of quality. Today, there are 30 campings of the FEN, disseminated in the various regions of the territory.

The seaside naturist villages are the most numerous and often the most popular, but you will find campsites established in the heart of France that could give you an experience of calm and relaxation.


Becoming a naturist is a good way to refocus on oneself and to be closer to nature and the elements that surround us. Sports and relaxation are good means to achieve this and that is the reason why you must pay attention to the activities proposed in and around the different camp-sites.

If you are a sportsman at heart, consider checking if the establishment offers fitness or yoga classes or if hiking trails are available near the village. In France, some spaces in the middle of the nature have been specially designed for naturists and others must be shared.


The Fédération des espaces naturistes proposes lodgings and infrastructures of quality for the customers but nothing prevents you from checking what exactly is proposed before leaving. For that, the site can be very useful. You will find there all the necessary elements.

Most of the campings propose similar accommodations but some have different standings. The small campsites located in the countryside also have less sports infrastructures than the large establishments at the seaside... this does not mean that the quality leaves to be desired, quite the contrary!

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