The Best Naturist Glamping Locations in France

Discover glamping thanks to the members of the FEN

February 2021

Spending some time at a naturist village is one way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle. You get to spend time in a community while enjoying the best of nature. Naturist locations offer a variety of holiday options like glamping. Practitioners who want to engage in this modern-day camping experience can find several beautiful destinations in France. The Fédération des espaces naturistes has an extensive list of naturist accomodation choices that would help with that.

The Concept of Glamping

The name is a portmanteau of glamourous and camping. It defines a form of camping that comes with modern amenities. So, you get to connect with nature while enjoying various luxuries. Just because you wish to spend time in a natural environment doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort. Picture a camping trip at a lodge, resort or mobile home with several services provided. More naturist campsites are now offering luxurious camping for different guests. Whether you are travelling solo, as a family or group, you can expect to find a suitable location.

Experience The Best of France

The FEN makes it easy to find naturist accomodation for different kinds of stays. Domaine de la Sablière is one of the top campsites in the French countryside. Located in Barjac-Gard, the natural park overlooks the Cèze gorges, which makes it perfect for naturists who love the wild. At La Sablière, guests can enjoy wellness facilities, pools and leisure amenities. If you want a naturist campsite with thalassotherapy services, then the Euronat Village is a good pick. The resort is perfect for a family because it has children's amenities. Euronat is on the Atlantic Coast and, so provides an ideal destination for beach lovers. Just a short distance away is CHM Montalivet, another first-class luxurious camping location. For a camping site close to Paris, try Heliomonde, which promises great weather and stunning views. La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche is ideal if you intend to engage in various outdoor activities.

You requirements determine the most suitable accommodation. If you want an authentic camping experience, a tent is a good choice. For more privacy and luxury, you can rent a chalet, lodge or mobile home. Define your needs early to ensure that you get the right accommodation. Take the time to compare naturist spaces from Domaine de la Sablière to Heliomonde.

Naturism is about connecting with nature. Glamping gives you that without denying you the comforts you need. Find a naturist location that satisfies your holiday dreams. Whether you prefer pitching a tent or renting a chalet, make reservations early.

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