Naturism is much more than a simple practice

June 2024

Naturism is much more than a simple practice: it's a philosophy of life that promotes values such as balance, tolerance, meeting others, sharing and respect. This means undressing without fear of the gaze of others, promoting a natural acceptance of nudity and equality between all individuals.

In the world of naturism, the first rule (and it's a golden one) is to respect nudity as soon as weather conditions allow.

Remember that you chose to spend your holiday at a naturist campsite in order to be naked. So it's essential to undress when the weather is warm, so that you can fully immerse yourself in this shared practice of nudity. What's more, to ensure comfort and hygiene, it's compulsory to sit on a towel or sarong in the bar, restaurant, sauna, etc.

A frequently asked question is whether it is compulsory to be naked at all times. It's important to stress that, yes, naturism means living naked as often as possible during your naturist camping holiday. However, clothing may be worn for reasons of protection against the elements, such as the cold or the sun, as well as for medical reasons or for practising sport.

Note that body modifications such as piercings can be perceived negatively, especially when they mark intimate parts.

Finally, all those who have tried naturism often testify to its adoption, stressing in particular the benefits and freedom it brings.

Are you ready? Take the plunge and discover naturism at one of our NATURISME.FR campsites!

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