June 2024

Choosing to go on a naturist holiday for the first time and deciding to take your children with you raises many questions. Will they be able to adapt? Will they be embarrassed by our nudity, their own or that of others? What if they don't? Here's some advice on how to tackle the subject with them.

Discovering naturism as a family can be an enriching experience for parents who want to share the practice with their children.

Bear in mind that up to the age of 6, young children identify with others. If everyone else is naked, they won't find it strange to be naked too. After this age, nudity raises legitimate questions. 

Explain the meaning of naturism: describe it as a practice that consists of undressing to connect with nature in appropriate places such as beaches where naturism is authorised by prefectural decree and/or in dedicated campsites and holiday villages.

Be prepared to answer their questions: expect them to ask and answer them honestly. Try to explain the benefits and the reasons why you enjoy this practice.

Teach them the essential rules of safety and respect, such as never taking photos or filming people without their consent. The rule almost everywhere is that taking photos or filming is forbidden.

Prepare them before the experience by explaining what to expect. This will help them feel more at ease and enjoy the experience to the full.


All the naturist campsites belonging to FEN, NATURISME.FR are ideal addresses for a first naturist family holiday. They all offer a wide variety of activities, entertainment and facilities for all ages: playgrounds, organised activities, swimming pools, water parks, sports fields, etc.

But what should I do if my child or teenager is uncomfortable?


It's important to know that there is a very high level of tolerance towards younger children at FEN campsites.

It is normal for some children to feel uncomfortable with naturism. Teenagers in particular can be sensitive to this subject.

The only places where nudity is compulsory are the aquatic areas (swimming pool and beach). Even those who are reluctant at first, the sunshine and the joy of being able to jump into the water with friends will soon melt away their reservations!

Nevertheless, here are a few tips to make your holiday easier:

Respect their choice and don't force them to get naked if they're not comfortable.

Talk to them to try and understand their reasons and concerns.

Listen to them and look for solutions together.

Finally, respect their modesty: if your child prefers to remain clothed during their stay, respect their decision and don't worry, many campsites have children's and/or teenagers' clubs so that your little ones can make friends. These activities for young people can be an advantage, especially if you are accompanied by teenagers, as they will soon realise that naturist holidays are far from old-fashioned!

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