Understanding the meaning of campsite stars NATURISME.FR

June 2024

Since 2012, a new official classification system has been in place to allow campsites (whether naturist or not) to display a number of stars ranging from 1 to 5, to indicate the quality of their services and facilities. This new system has evolved to meet the growing demands of the market and the public. Now, the green, square, embossed sign showing the campsite's number of stars has become the only official means of positioning the campsite. But how can you tell the difference between establishments according to their number of stars? Follow the guide!

What is star rating?

Star rating is a reliable way of judging the quality of a campsite.

Varying from 1 to 5 (five stars were introduced in 2012), the number of stars is awarded on the basis of criteria assessing the quality of the facilities and services offered by the campsite. This classification system was introduced to replace the old system, which no longer met the expectations of the market and society. The stars therefore represent a significant indicator of the range of accommodation and services offered by French campsites.

What do the stars mean?

Here's an overview of the services offered by campsites according to their number of stars:

  • 1 star: Accommodation offering basic comfort and good value for money. Pitches have an average surface area of 70 m².
  • 2 stars: Comfortable, mid-range accommodation with a few extra services such as a children's play area or Wi-Fi access in communal areas. Pitches have an average surface area of 70 m².
  • 3 stars: Upper mid-range accommodation with good quality facilities and a range of services and amenities. Pitches have a minimum surface area of 80 m². There is a 24-hour reception service, with at least two languages, including English.
  • 4 stars: Top-of-the-range accommodation, with superior comfort and top-quality facilities. Offers a wide range of services and facilities such as a reception service in at least two foreign languages, a website, information material in two foreign languages, and the possibility of buying food on site or nearby.
  • 5 stars: Very top-of-the-range accommodation, with exceptional comfort and superior facilities. Offers a host of services and facilities such as a fitness room, spa, etc. Reception is available in three languages, including English, and guests can book their pitch online 24 hours a day. What's more, a swimming area is an integral part of campsites in this range, whether it's a lake or a swimming pool

In short, the number of stars a campsite has is an indication of the quality of its services and facilities. Each category offers a specific level of comfort and services, allowing you to choose the campsite that best suits your expectations and budget. 😊

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