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The best naturist campsites in France to practice sports

The Top Naturist Campsites in France with Sports Activities

February 2021

Naturism is holistic. It champions interaction with nature through various activities like sports. Different games help keep your body moving, which makes it easier to stay fit. When you plan a getaway to a naturist village, the availability of sporting options should be some of the things to consider. You can marvel at the beautiful surroundings while participating in various games around the campsite. Naturist locations in France are designed to promote different types of physical activities. The point is for guests to have normal adventures the same as in a clothed destination. Outdoor activities are beneficial not only to the body but the mind as well.

Sports for All Ages

Whatever your preferred outdoor activity, you can find a naturist center or two that offers it or a suitable alternative. Naturist spaces have all kinds of activities. So whether you are holidaying with family or alone, you can settle on a desirable sport. For people who like team sports, tennis, volleyball and table tennis are some of the options to choose from. If you prefer getting into physical activity by yourself, you can go cycling, hiking or golf.

Naturist villages located near water bodies offer different water sports like kayaking, canoeing and surfing. Additionally, pools are common facilities at these places, so swimming is readily available to most guests. Alternatively, you can spend time in a gym or sauna. Children-friendly spaces have appropriate activities for young ones like mini golf, miniature tennis and horse riding.

Competitive Sports

In some instances, a naturist campsite can have sports tournaments where guests get to compete against each other. Competitive activities are excellent ways for people to interact as a community. A majority of naturist spaces have wellness centres, spa and gym facilities where guests can get into shape.

Spaces with Sports Offerings

When it comes to deciding on the best naturist accomodation, your taste and needs are the most important. If you want a location near the beach, you can try Riva Bella and La Chiappa in Corsica, Sérignan Plage in Occitania, Domaine de Belezy in Côte d'Azur and La Sablière in Languedoc-Roussillon. You can play beach volleyball, windsurf or go scuba diving at some of these places. If you prefer the countryside, Terme d'Astor in Aquitaine, Églantière and Héliomonde in Paris are top choices. You can participate in activities like archery, hiking, fishing and mini golf. Remember to check available kids activities if you are travelling as a family.

France doesn't disappoint when it comes to naturist accomodation. Naturists have a long list of campsites that promise great activities. Whether you prefer indoor sports or outdoor adventure, you can find the perfect location.

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