Naturism and thalasso

Relax and Recharge with Naturist Thalassotherapy

September 2020

Sometimes a break is all you need to give your body and mind a boost. Naturism champions well-being and provides several ways to achieve that. For one, it provides the chance to connect with nature. France has some great destinations that allow you to experience the best of the natural environment. Thalasso spaces are particularly popular due to the numerous advantages they offer. The FEN has a comprehensive list of naturist locations with various options for thalassotherapy, such as CHM de Montalivet. Your specific demands will determine the perfect naturist village.

Holistic Wellness

Thalasso spaces focus on an individual's entire well-being. You get to escape the daily goings-on and find tranquillity. Naturist campsites and resorts provide soothing environments where you can forget everything and let yourself go. The various facilities provided allow guests to get pampered. You can take steam baths, hydro-massages and get spa treatments. The thalasso spaces go all out to offer ultra relaxation. Additionally, you get to see the best of France from the gorgeous beaches to the lush wine country to the panoramic mountain regions. Also, you can treat yourself to local delicacies to re-energise your body, mind and soul.

Something for Everyone

The best thing about getting your thalassic relaxation in France is that there is so much to choose from. Some of the top ones include the Centre Naturiste Euronat where guests receive medically supervised thalassotherapy. The naturist centre has a team of professionals including beauticians, chiropractors and masseurs, to help you on your wellness journey. On the stunning Corsica island, you have Riva Bella with its famously therapeutic waters. Guests also benefit from specialised thalassotherapy facilities. Riva Bella allows you to experience the wonders of seawater hydrotherapy.

Do you what a naturist campsite with an open-air aquatic fitness centre? Then try Camping Serignan. You can indulge in relaxing hydro-massages in the luxurious jacuzzi. In New Aquitaine, you have CHM de Montalivet, the world's first naturist resort. It's a family-friendly destination with 2 km of beach to explore. The resort offers incredible well-being facilities, including a jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pools. With such options, Fédération des Espaces Naturistes makes it easy for holiday-makers to plan the perfect holiday.

From the Sandy beaches of Camping Serignan to the à la carte treatment at Centre Naturiste Euronat, naturists have excellent opportunities to discover the joys of thalasso spaces. Once you decide on an ideal naturist location for you, inquire well before your getaway to avoid the last-minute rush, especially during peak season.

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