Holiday in The Off-Season

The Appeal of a Naturist Holiday in The Off-Season

August 2019

The Appeal of a Naturist Holiday in The Off-Season 

A holiday at a naturist location is the perfect way to cap off the year. It's an opportunity to explore naturism at a foreign destination and collect memorable adventures. France is one place that has attractive regions that accommodate naturists. From Dordogne to Hérault to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the country has campsites, resorts and villages that promise incredible holidays. Off-peak season is a good time to book a stay in one of these places. The period after summer promises the sweet temperature of Septembre, warm sea and more.

Minimal Crowding 

Low season means less people visiting a particular destination. Enjoying your naturist holiday can be challenging when the campsite you are staying at is at full capacity, and the streets are filled with tourists. You can avoid all that by scheduling your trip in the months after summer. It's the perfect time to holiday at your own pace. If it's a beach holiday, you get to enjoy the warm sea without too many adults and children in the water. The quiet environment is perfect for meditation.

Save Money

A big motivation to wait until peak season dies down is to spend less on your trip. The off-season has some of the best prices. Hotels, airlines and travel agents are all looking to boost sales. You can negotiate nice deals with hotels when booking during the off-peak period. Tourists can even get more extras with their accommodation. A majority of Flights are barely full during low tourist season, and that translates to discounted tickets. You can also get the best prices for tours, local transportation, souvenirs and more.

Explore Attractions Properly

Naturism is about interacting with and appreciating your surroundings. However, that can be difficult when every street, restaurant and attraction is flocking with tourists. With less people, you get a chance to discover more about popular attractions. You can walk around quiet museums while marvelling at the exhibitions. Visit vineyards in the French countryside, dip your feet in the warm sea and partake in whatever else your heart desires. Additionally, it will be easy to get tickets to cathedrals, museums, temples and other attractions. The downside is that some attractions and activities might not be available in the off-peak season. Therefore, confirm before planning your itinerary.


Off-peak tourist season does not always mean bad weather. You can enjoy the sweet temperature of Septembre in some regions in France. It's also a pocket-friendly season when you can get the best prices for just about anything. Plan a trip to France in the off-season and get a wholesome naturist holiday.

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Reopening of campsites

All the campsites of the Fédération des Espaces Naturistes are open, Héliomonde opens on June the 18th and the Domaine de Belezy on June the 19th.

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