February 2024

Discover the Naturist Sauna: A Well-being Experience in Harmony with Nature

The sauna is an ancestral practice recognized for its benefits on the body and mind. But have you ever considered practicing it in the simplest device, in total communion with nature? Welcome to the world of the naturist sauna, a unique experience that combines rest, relaxation and self-respect.

What is the naturist sauna?

The naturist sauna is a practice where participants enjoy the benefits of heat in a sauna, while being naked. This approach abolishes social and clothing barriers, offering a feeling of freedom and harmony with one's body and its environment.

The benefits of the naturist sauna

Physical and mental relaxation: Relaxing naked in a sauna allows the heat to penetrate the skin more effectively, promoting muscle relaxation and the release of mental tension.

Improved blood circulation: Heat dilates blood vessels, promoting better blood circulation and more efficient oxygenation of tissues.

Detoxification of the body: Profuse sweating during a sauna session helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, thus purifying the body.

Strengthening the immune system: Temperature variations stimulate the immune system, helping the body defend itself against infections.

Psychological well-being: Being naked in the presence of other people in a naturist environment can help overcome body-related complexes, thus promoting better self-esteem and acceptance of one's physical appearance.

All FEN member campsites offer the possibility of a sauna.

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