June 2024

You have to learn to be a good naturist camper!

Here are some important rules to follow:

  1. Nudity is the rule unless you're really cold or have a good reason. So dare to be your true self, without clothes!
  2. If you're sitting somewhere, put on a small towel or sarong for hygiene reasons.

No, children are not shocked by nudity!

Up to the age of 6, a young child can identify with others.

So if everyone else is naked, they won't find it strange to be naked too. After this age, nudity raises legitimate questions. But for teenagers, discovering their bodies and the changes they undergo in a naturist setting helps them to come to terms with their physical development and to ask their questions naturally (see our article on naturism as a family).

Above all, being a naturist means adopting a philosophy of life that advocates tolerance, meeting people, sharing and respect. So don't forget these essential values.

Finally, to be accepted at a naturist campsite, you mustn't go overboard with body modifications: tattoos are fine, but piercings that involve your intimacy are generally frowned upon.

Having accepted these few simple rules, are you curious and ready to try the experience? You'll see that naturism is much more than just a holiday choice, it's a way of living in harmony with yourself and with nature. And everyone who's tried it out agrees: to try it is to adopt it!

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