June 2024

What are the rules for naturist campsites?

  1. Respect nudity wherever possible! Naturism is above all about being in harmony with nature, which includes undressing whenever the weather permits. Remaining clothed in good weather could be badly perceived by other campers.
  2. Hygiene and comfort first and foremost. For reasons of hygiene, it is essential to sit on your sarong or towel, whether on a chair in the restaurant or bar, or in wellness areas such as the sauna or hammam.

Is nudity always compulsory?

If you choose a naturist campsite, it's to live naked. However, common sense prevails: clothing is recommended to protect against the cold, the sun, during sporting activities, in the event of illness or for personal reasons such as the menstrual cycle. Above all, being a naturist means embracing nature, appreciating your body and savouring freedom. However, being naked amongst clothed people can be uncomfortable. By entering a naturist area, you agree to undress in front of others. It's one of the pillars of naturism!

What does being a naturist mean? Just getting naked?

Being a naturist goes far beyond nudity. It's a real philosophy of life, aimed at balance, tolerance, meeting people and sharing. This freedom is accompanied by acceptance of oneself and others, without embarrassment or fear of others' gaze.

Does the sight of adult nudity traumatise children?

FALSE! Whether children grow up in a naturist family or not, they will discover their own bodies and those of others naturally and without shock. For teenagers, whether naturists or not, the bodily changes of puberty are often a source of embarrassment. However, these transformations are more easily accepted when the body is not a taboo subject.

Do social differences disappear with clothes?

TRUE! Clothes are social markers. In their absence, social barriers disappear, making it impossible to distinguish between a company director and a factory worker, or a doctor and a teacher. You simply find yourself.

Are tattoos, piercings and other fantasies frowned upon?

TRUE! In general, any modification to the body is frowned upon. Tattoos can be tolerated, but intimate piercings and waxing are often frowned upon, as they touch on very personal aspects and are difficult to explain to children.

Trying naturism is adopting it?

TRUE! And all those who have tried it are unanimous! So, are you ready to give it a try?

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