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Everyone has their own definition of naturism. Concretely, everyone agrees that it is the act of living naked, most often outside the home, while camping or on the beach. However, the notion of naturism does not stop there. According to the International Naturist Federation, naturism is "a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, and which has the consequence of promoting self-respect, respect for others and of the environment." Nudity is therefore ultimately only the material translation of a state of mind based on respect, in the broadest sense.

Naturism is also a global concept which brings together a large number of practices: most often, we indulge in naturism on vacation, in specific campsites or holiday centers. There, we take advantage of the activities and entertainment offered by the establishment. But also know that naturism in the city exists, in dedicated public places. Finally, it is also possible to indulge in sporting activities in the simplest device: hiking, swimming, indoor sports... The possibilities are numerous!

Naturism is often mistakenly confused with nudism. Indeed, we often speak of “naturist beaches” instead of “nudist beaches”. If nudism is indeed related to the fact of living naked, it is practiced without a philosophical approach to relationships with others or with nature. While anyone can undress (at home or in dedicated spaces), not everyone does so in order to live in perfect harmony with the world around them. Between these two notions, confusion is permitted. A naturist will not be offended if, without prior discussion, he sees himself described as a nudist.

On the other hand, the uninitiated must understand that naturism is never associated with voyeurism, swinging, or even exhibitionism. The naturist aspires to live naked in the open air but will not accept being looked at with more insistence than if he were wearing jeans and a shirt. His pleasure does not come from the exhibition of his private parts. Then, the naturist lives most of the time in a community but never to practice swinging. Naturism is mainly practiced within the family. Finally, the naturist is not a voyeurist because, always in this approach of respect for others, if he does not tolerate being ogled, he will not ogle in return.

Most naturist holiday centers have charters and other very precise regulations regarding the organization of life in a naturist community. Non-practitioners who want to try naturism often ask themselves a number of practical and psychological questions that prevent them from taking the plunge. Naturist associations are then there to inform and reassure. Consult now the list of our tips for a successful first experience. If you are seduced by this state of mind or have been accustomed to it for a long time, discover the 5 steps to prepare your naturist vacation!

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