Urban naturism

Urban naturism

Does the concept of urban naturism seem strange to you? Naturism is not only practiced on dedicated beaches and sites though.

Parks, town pools, restricted areas of certain cities… Naturism roams free keeping perverted practices apart – naturism doesn’t mean nudism, voyeurism… nor swinging obviously! Urban areas dedicated to naturists are a safe place to enjoy quality time without prejudice, judgement and in respectful ways – of others and of the environment. Nakedness is just a « plus » that makes social limits and walls come down.

Little by little, « naked » urban life gets more room in big cities. In Berlin, centre town parks have been giving a warm welcome to naturists as soon as the weather gets nicer for over 25 years. Reading by a lake, taking a nap in the sun – Berliners are now used to getting undressed in their city. In Munich, the town council legalized naturism in 6 specific areas – some of which in centre town. Naturist restaurants have opened in London and Paris in 2016. That’s not all though!

All naturists don’t live in big cities obviously and public services do know that very well. That’s why many town pools have dedicated opening hours for naturist swimmers. Please consult your town’s pool’s website for more information.

Urban naturism is not to everybody’s liking though. The latest controversy concerns a naturist resort that will soon open in the heart of Paris. Naturists themselves ought to rejoice! Yet, the confusion sometimes made between naturism, nudism and exhibitionism has them fear for their reputation – conflating comes quickly...

The slightest misdemeanour casts a shadow on the whole community. Besides, non-naturists, as opposed to « naked people » – whether they are naturists, nudists or other – fear for their environment and their everyday life. Time will tell if the capital of France is able to raise its tolerance to its German neighbours’ level.

Sources: Le Temps, Liberation, Le Monde

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