What is the "Randonue" ?

What is the "Randonue" ?

February 2020

Understanding The Practice of Randonue

If you have been a naturist for a while, you might have come across the term, randoune, especially if you holiday at a naturist village in France. What does it mean? Randonue is a portmanteau of two French words - 'randonnée' meaning excursion and ‘nue,’ meaning naked, translating to nude hiking. It’s one of the activities naturists can participate in for fun. Fédération des espaces naturistes has incredible opportunities for people who want to include randonue in their itineraries. Naturisme.fr provides some tips on how to hike naked for the best experience.

The Right Location

Naturist destinations are virtually limitless in France, so settling on the perfect one can be a tedious endeavour. Decide what an ideal hiking environment means to you before starting the search. Do you like treacherous trails? Are you seeking trails overlooking the ocean? What are your skills? Such considerations will help you pick a naturist campsite that offers what you need. If it’s a group or family trip, remember to ask what the others want. Check the other activities available for guests. The point is to get the best of naturism while here.

Prepare Accordingly

Just because you will be walking the trails in the nude doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan well for the activity. Consider it like any traditional adventure. Carry sufficient supplies to make your experience as fulfilling as possible. Have a backpack with food, enough water and emergency supplies. You can include a few clothes in the package in case you venture into a textiled area. If the weather gets rough while out there, you might need to get dressed. Remember that your bare skin will be exposed, so protect it accordingly. Ensure that you are using safe trails. A naturist village will usually provide guides and maps to guests.

The Benefits of Randonue

What do you gain from walking naked in the woods across harsh trails. Randonue can help build your confidence. Naturism is about liking who you are in the nude, which is not always easy, especially for a novice. A group activity like randonue can change that. You get to be in the company of other naturists and learn from them. Several health benefits come with hiking the nude. Being in nature does wonders for your stress levels. You get to relax and be away from daily stressors.

If you want a naturist campsite where you can enjoy the randonue, Fédération des espaces naturistes doesn’t disappoint. Whether you prefer a secluded resort in Dordogne-Perigord or the unspoilt Limousin, there’s a perfect place for you.


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Reopening of campsites

All the campsites of the Fédération des Espaces Naturistes are open, Héliomonde opens on June the 18th and the Domaine de Belezy on June the 19th.

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