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Randonue: how to choose your route?

Randonue: How to Choose Your Route - Indispensable Tips

July 2021

An activity loved by the followers of naturism, Randonue makes it possible to find itself in contact with nature and to profit from all its benefits. However, it is necessary to know how to choose your itinerary of Randonue and to take some precautions before leaving to the adventure.

What is ‘Randonue’?

The Randonue is a very popular activity among the followers of naturism. Word coming from the contraction between "randonnée" and "nue", meaning “hike” and “naked”. It simply consists of walking in the open air, on marked out paths and stripped of any clothing. It is practiced by all those who like sporty vacations or who appreciate the close contact with the nature. Bonus: it’s an activity that can be done solo as well as in a group or family.

How to find a good itinerary?

To find a good itinerary, it is possible to get information on the internet before your departure to know the starting and ending points of the hike and the probable difficulties you might encounter. However, the most popular marked trails are also used by people with clothes on.

If you want to practice hiking without having to worry about running into other people, it is advisable to visit one of the centers of the Fédération Française des espaces naturistes (FEN) for the best options. Campsites like Origan Village in Provence, or Petit Arlane in the Verdon, promise you an unforgettable experience if you enjoy this activity.

Precautions to take when going hiking

In France, there are very few marked out paths reserved entirely for the naturists. For the FEN, only centers like Origan or Petit Arlane are close to it. When one leaves for a hike, it is thus necessary to be conscious that one can cross people dressed. In the vast majority of cases, encounters go smoothly, but it is still prudent to bring a piece of clothing that you can put on very quickly. A loincloth is often a good option. It is also advisable to leave with several people, to avoid the mistrust that nudity can sometimes cause.

For the equipment, it is important to choose a backpack and shoes that are very comfortable. It is not often noticed, but walking backpacks can sometimes be very irritating on bare skin. The rest of the equipment is classic: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

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