New member of the FEN: Le coq rouge.

Le Coq Rouge

October 2020

Marvel at True Natural Beauty at Domaine du Coq Rouge

Fédération des espaces naturistes has lovely options for family-friendly naturist destinations. Now, it offers one more, Domaine du Coq Rouge. The naturist campsite sits on the edge of Dordogne. It provides an extraordinary view of the stunning French countryside. The destination is ideal for family holidays, not only for the accommodation but the surroundings as well. Families have the chance to explore vallée de la Dordogne, make crafts and camp in naturist tipis. The new member of the FEN has plenty in store.

Diverse and Unusual Acomodation

The forest around the site makes it suitable for camping. It ensures fresh air and beautiful scenery. This Dordogne naturist village boasts unusual acomodation that makes staying here fun. Guests can pick a Maori tent, naturist tipi, carabane or cottage. Alternatively, you can settle for a mobile home that fits 5 people. It has a kitchenette for guests who prefer cooking. Every accommodation option is blended into the natural environment, allowing you to capitalise on all the benefits. Guests also have easy access to the campsite facilities, such as a heated swimming pool, sauna and teen area. Whatever the family dynamic, you can find suitable accommodation at this campsite.

Various Activities for Brighter Days

Laying by the swimming pool basking in the sun with a drink or book sounds perfect when whiling away the time. However, perfect can get boring, fast. Luckily, the campsite offers a lot of activities for guests. A choice of sports is available, including volleyball, ping-pong and péntaque. Adults can send children to the teen area and engage in various interests. Kids have a lot to occupy their time. The campsite organises different art activities like painting, couture and handcrafting. Guests can enjoy seasonal delicacies made with fresh ingredients from the local market. Get out of the campsite and see what vallée de la Dordogne has to offer. Stroll through the hilltop villages, visit medieval castles and excite your taste buds with food and wine from the region.

The naturist centre is an eco-responsible campsite. It is one reason the destination is part of Fédération des Espaces Naturistes. Almost all the accommodation alternatives are designed with the environment in mind. A small farm in the campsite encourages guests to plant and rely on organic foods. Apart from an extraordinary view, the nearby forest supplies the area with fresh air that makes it easy to be in harmony with nature.

When looking for an eco-responsible campsite, Domaine du Coq Rouge doesn't disappoint. The new member of the FEN is set to transform your naturist holidays.

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