Wellness and naturist meditation

Naturist meditation

Before we talk about naturism, what is meditation?
Meditation, relaxation, yoga... It can be difficult to get your bearings. Though these 3 concepts are closely linked, they are different from one another. Let’s try to define them and have a clearer understanding.

Relaxation is a way to, well, relax, diminishing tensions and favouring well-being. Yoga can be considered as exercise for both mind and body, based on a great variety of exercises and techniques.

Meditation is used to access deep inner reflection – a spiritual and philosophical discipline. It encourages to let all things superfluous and to concentrate on what really matters: yourself.

Like yoga, which is based on specific techniques and exercises, meditation requires you follow very precise rules.

First one is that the only part of your body which is working during meditation is your brain. The rest of your body needs to remain inactive. The aim of meditation is not to find the answer to a specific issue or problem but to take a step back, to focus on what is really important in order to have a better way to deal with what we are confronted to. The ultimate al is to find inner peace.

A different state of mind most of all!
More and more people are turning to what we often call « well-being » practices which are born out of oriental philosophies such as Buddhism or Hinduism. Meditation has been more and more successful and developing for several years now, mainly because people need to escape from their everyday stress and strain more and more, willing to feel more comfortable with both their body and mind. To change their state of mind to face their everyday life.

Meditation’s most important benefits are the improvement of our psychic abilities, of our sleep, our relationships with other people, our libido (you read that well). It also helps lowering our level of stress and anxiety. Our quality of life is better, healthier and more respectful of ourselves and of others.

The same can be said of naturism!

Naturist meditation – where to start?
If you already are a naturist, you know what it feels like to stand in fresh air as naked as a new born baby. It feels even better in an unspoiled natural environment, for instance during your holidays at a naturist campsite.

First step for a successful naturist meditation session is to find a peaceful, quiet spot, with no sound or visual distraction in order to soak in your close environment. Once you’ve found it, sit in the lotus position, with a straight yet supple back, avoiding all tension and stiffness. Use a cushion if the ground is too hard.

Open your chest, cross your legs, relax as much as you can and try to ease every muscle. You are now ready to feel your inner energy. Stay aware to the nature that surrounds you. Your crossed legs are the symbol of the oneness you create with the elements. Keep your eyes closed, concentrate on your breathing in order to control and slow it.

Those are the essential principles of meditation. You are now free to practice it as often as you want. The more you do, the more you will feel well-being and serenity!

If you like being guided, naturist yoga is getting more and more popular. It is now often suggested in addition to « traditional » yoga.

Namaste everyone!

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