Naturist campsites in France that accept animals

Enjoy a Naturist Holiday with Your Pet

January 2021

For a majority of people, pets are a part of the family. So, they like to include them in various activities. When planning a naturist getaway, for example, you might want to bring your four-legged friend along. Imagine taking in the French country side with your furry partner in tow or basking at the beach with your animal friend. You can experience the best of naturism with your favourite animal. However, not every naturist village accepts pets. Naturist locations have some strict rules that you should consider before booking your accommodation. Fortunately, the FEN offers an extensive list of destination in France, and some are pet-friendly.

Why The Restrictions?

You might wonder why a naturist campsite refuses to admit animals. The reasons vary from one place to the next. A common issue is hygiene. As with any other accommodation, naturist locations have sanitary standards. They want to ensure that guests are comfortable and safe as they enjoy their time away. Regardless of how well you groom your pet, it can be difficult to guarantee hygiene. Another common reason a pet might not be allowed is to maintain tranquillity. Some guests can resent the noises animals make, especially in the morning.

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Whether you intend to include dogs or cats in your holiday plans, you can find a suitable naturist destination. If you like the country side, then Domaine de la Sablière is a good bet. It's nestled between the stunning Céze gorges in Barjac-Gard. Still in the same region, you can try out La Gènese, which offers great camping alternatives. Since it's close to the banks of River Cèze, guests have a chance to explore the exquisite pebbled beach. If you want naturist accomodation with a beach nearby, CHM Montalivet is one of the top choices. Bordering the Atlantic ocean and covering over 200 ha, 'Monta' offers a 2 km shoreline. You can rent a beach cabin with a magnificent view of the ocean. Lea Lauzons in Provence is another family destination that allows pets.

Even when a naturist campsite accepts animals, it usually has rules that owners should know beforehand. Therefore, when making reservations, ensure that you understand your responsibilities as a pet owner. Be sure to check the 'Services' page of a particular naturist accomodation before booking it.

The Fédération des espaces naturistes has a good selection of pet-friendly naturist locations. For that reason, you can marvel at the beauty of France without worrying about your dogs or other pets. You only have to define your goals and find a place that meets your naturist holiday needs.

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