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Benefits of sports and naturism

Practicing naked - why it's good for you.

Those not familiar with naturism often think that naturism is only practiced in summer, in dedicated areas. But they’re wrong! Many activities are organized all year long, among which sports which is obviously the most accessible and the best way to take good care of your health!

Now you must be wondering what kind of sport you can practice naked but safely and comfortably. Here’s a short list of what you can practice naked, and where to practice them.

Swimming: in France many pools have dedicated hours for naturists. Just to the pools’ websites and see for yourself. Click on the following link to access a list of naturist pools in France: . Naturist swimmers are positive: once you swim naked, you simply cannot back. Besides feeling water all over the whole body, they appreciate not being constrained by the swimming suit. And once you’re out of the water, no disturbance caused by a soaking wet suit either!

Yoga : yoga is certainly the activity that matches most the values of naturism! Each naturist feels comfortable when an activity values psychological well-being and respect. That’s what yoga is about: mental and psychological well-being are at the heart of a proper yoga class. Naturist yoga guarantees many od effects on the body and mind as it is an all-around activity that includes breathing, meditation and toning up. Several possibilities to practice naturist yoga. You can simply start home of course. You can also look up on the internet to find a yoga club that also organizes naturist yoga classes. Finally, naturist sites frequently organize naturist yoga classes. If you don’t want to wait until your next vacation, you should know that some sites allow you to in to attend their classes only. It’s the perfect solution to practice naturist yoga on a Sunday for instance!

Fitness: just like yoga, naturist fitness is becoming more and more popular. Whether you want to pump iron or just tone up in a group class, naturist fitness is already available at fitness centres all over the world. In France, proceed as you would for yoga – search for a naturist sports club nearby or to a naturist site with fitness classes available to all.

Hiking: hiking naked – « randonue » as it is called in France – is a must for naturists, for 2 reasons. Hiking makes you feel one with nature which is widely appreciated among the naturist community. The second reason is that hiking doesn’t require any specific gear or preparation – all you need is a od pair of shoes… and a nice area. Do not hesitate to explore areas that are a bit less popular in order to avoid stumbling upon « regular » hikers – unfortunately, they could come up to wrong conclusions about your intentions. In which case, it’s wiser not to on your own but with another person, or with a group. Look it up on the Internet – there’s probably a hiking club nearby that organizes naturist days out.

This is a non-exhaustive list – many other sports can be practiced naked. The ones we mentioned are just the most popular and accessible. Looking for other naturist activities? Read our partner, Naked and Happy’s article.

More information: ce lien Nu et Heureux

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