Naturist Glamping

Unforgettable Holidays with Glamorous Camping

November 2019

Unforgettable Holidays with Glamorous Camping

Glamping has become a popular term in the hospitality sector, and you are bound to come across it as you plan your naturist holiday. It refers to glamorous camping, a form of camping where guests have access to amenities that offer the comforts of traditional accommodation. The Federation of Naturist Spaces has campsites all over France that provide incredible opportunities for glamping. They offer charming accommodation that guarantees a luxurious stay. Why should you consider booking one though?

A Relaxing Space

A FEN naturist campsite is an excellent place to unburden yourself and relax. The purpose of a getaway is to have fun and get away from the bustle of everyday living. With the choice of campsites in France, you can pick one that satisfies your holiday needs. If its summer and you intend to enjoy the sun while camping, you can go anywhere from Corsica to Côte d'Azur. If you want to see some sights and explore the French countryside during your trip, Dordogne is a great pick. Picture yourself enjoying quiet moments in your tent as you read peacefully or lounge at the poolside, basking in the sun. Naturist campsites offer a range of activities that you can pick from. You can do whatever you want to rejuvenate your mind and give the body the rest it deserves.

Blending with Nature

One essence of this alternative camping solution is the emphasis on incorporating nature. Glamping is based on ecotourism where the camping site capitalises on the natural environment around it. Guests get to become one with nature. Most of the activities are tailored to the surroundings. For instance, a camping site in a mountainous area will have activities such as hiking, mountain biking and walking. If it's near a body of water, fishing, whitewater rafting and kayaking are some of the available options. Naturism feels different amid natural settings. The sensation of leaves brushing your skin, fresh air caressing your bare shoulders or the glorious sunlight hitting your naked back is unmatched. Take time to find charming accommodation options that will make your naturist holiday unforgettable. As an alternative holiday idea, glamping is not just fun; it is eco-friendly.
Glamping is the new favourite thing in naturism. It provides naturists with unique experiences that they can cherish for a lifetime. Glamorous camping is an opportunity to engage in ecotourism and conserve the environment as well. Pick a FEN naturist campsite that delivers the kind of experience that you are looking for. Consider the type of activities available, the setting and accommodation.

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